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In this introductory course, we'll introduce you to 'Beyond Binary Inclusion' concepts.

This course is FREE when bundled with Breaking The Binary: Full Certification Course!

Here's what you get:

  • Build your awareness and sensitivity of the marginalization that exists within the LGBTQ2 community;
  • Empower yourself with tools to become an active ally ensuring your co-workers, staff, clients feel:
  • welcome;
  • visible;
  • valid and have every, equal opportunity to thrive in an inclusive environment.
  • Shake up biases around binary gender norms.

You're under no obligation to continue with a Full Workshop, but... we are confident you're going to want too. 

"As a mom of a grown adult and teenager that are in LGBTQ community, this was an excellent course to take - everything was laid out very well - I even learned a few new things - terms that never knew existed. It was an eye opener. Thank you for this opportunity."

A. Jessome, Spring 2020, Library Clerk

Inclusion Team Simply Good Form

Simply Good Form Consultancy is a commitment for inclusion. It began as blog and then a need to do more.

We formerly launched our live programmes in early 2019 and we haven't stopped since.

Through lived experience and unique skill sets, our team is about championing policies for inclusion and inspiring diversity awareness and acceptance through support and educational programs; including helping community members navigate their way successfully to the correct supports around issues of gender diversity and sexual orientation. We are based all around Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. Our certified programs are worldwide.

Get ready to empower yourself to be more inclusive


MINI Introductory Course: How to be more inclusive

The first steps to being empowered with beyond binary LGBTQ2 inclusion competency

Want to learn what we're all about and take the first steps towards greater active allyship, inclusion awareness, confidence and competency?

This course is a great jumping off point. And if you haven't checked out Annus Mirabilis: Finding Light in a Pandemic, we recommend watching the FREE guest speaker presentation, which gives you the 'WHY' behind everything we do.

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PS From time of enrolment, you'll 3 months to complete this course. We update all our programming regularly to ensure it is up to date and accurate.